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Question about YOUR style

If you could, in all honesty, what would be the two top colors you would choose for your dream room to consist of?

I hope this is okay^^

I wanted to post some pics of my newly redecorated bathroom

Click for cuteness (>w<)Collapse )
I found this beautiful room on a lolita tumblr.

That one to be exact. It's so pretty i can't help but dream about it.

Introductions and Room Video!

Hello everyone! I'm new to this community but I'm a big fan of seeing beautiful interiors and creativity in the user's rooms! Thank you for sharing!

I did a room video of my "Kawaii Inspired Room," it's a guest room in my home. There's Lolita, Fairy Kei and even some Himegyaru inspired items inside. I'm currently redoing my master bedroom. I hope everyone enjoys and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's rooms!

Found something adorable at ROSS!

This was $7.99 at ROSS. It's a crystal jar shaped  like a cupcake. A CUPCAKE!! x3 I was pleased to find out after I bought this that the same jar was going for nearly $28 on Amazon. Its very nice the label said its made in Ireland.

Some funiture companies~

Hello! I thought I'd contribute some sites that would appeal in this community!
Room snapshots and linksCollapse )


I love the idea of this community, and hope to see more entries soon. If these pictures are too big, let me know and I'll resize them.

A Hello Kitty Castle! Click the link below the picture to see the rest of the house.


I love the idea of painting a window onto your wall!

This closet belongs to the famous little Lolita whose mom remakes dresses into her size. Here is her blog: http://www.mng.ameba.jp/blog/

These are two shots of Maki from Angelic Pretty's room, at two different points in time.

Misako Aoki in her bedroom:

Mio of Pastel Raindrops's room, with link to her blog post about her room with many more pictures:


That's all I have, hope you all enjoyed it! :3

Pretty Fairy rooms


These rooms are just a mere few examples of such beautiful spaces inspired by fairy-kei & lolita fashions! Also, don't fret too much on money issues. You can be thrifty about most of it, and creativity seems to be key. You can also decorate your closet cutely!

(I forgot to mention that I do not claim rights to any of these pictures. lol)

Yay! Members!

Hi everyone! Please feel free to post as many pictures as you want of bedrooms/spaces that are inspired by fairy-kei and lolita fashions including YOUR spaces!! I'll post mine up as soon as I get my camera to work. Ha ha. Well thanks for joining and have fun!! ^-^

Oh yes, I forgot to mention: Please let me know if the community profile banner and info. does not look right. I was having trouble with it to where it looked exactly like MY profile banner and colors and such. Thank you!